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Artwork by Elizabeth Duke

Zoe the Zombie Series.

This is really not my style of artwork, but I have had many mixed media artists bring up to me that I never do anything "zombie-ish" or "creepy" I broke out of my shell today and this is what I have come up with.  While this is not my usual style of artwork, it was certainly fun to play with.  I may find that I want to make more of these for a Halloween series.  Stay tuned!  
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Blog - Daily Life in the Rabbit Hole

Experiences With Death – February 28, 2015

Death and loss is something that I have grown to be experienced with over my 41 years in life.  I have lost numerous relatives to terminal illnesses.  I was expecting these deaths to occur and I had plenty of time to prepare myself for the loss and to speak any words that I wanted/needed these people to know before they passed.  There have only been a few deaths that were really surprising to me. First and foremost, one of the first and most traumatic experiences I've had with death occurred when I was in high school.  I believe it was…
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