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Christmas Angel Craft

Supplies: 3 coffee filters 3-1/2-inch Styrofoam cone 1  toothpick 1-inch foam Styrofoam ball 12 inches of 1/4-inch-wide gold ribbon White thread; hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks 1 gold plastic ring Directions: Center one coffee filter on the top of the cone. Push the toothpick three quarters of the way into the cone and filter. Push the 1-inch ball onto the toothpick to add the head. Center the second filter over the head. Tie a ribbon bow around the neck. Fold the third filter in half and pleat at the center to form wings. Tie in the center with thread. Hot-glue…
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DIYs and Crafts

Makeup Brush DIY

T This is a cute little DIY I made to help keep my makeup brushes organized and handy. Just choose an appropriate glass piece that is suitable for holding the brushes.  Add some aquarium gravel or home decor marbles into the glass and then add your brushes…it’s that simple!  You could even add some decorative trim (ribbon, etc.) around the top of the vase if you wanted to for added flair. I purchased this glass vase and decorative gravel from the Dollar Tree. Makeup brushes purchased here:  ;ie=UTF8&qid=1447875544&sr=1-11&keywords=makeup+brushes Happy DIY-ing!
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