Over the past few years I have been working exclusively on Art Journaling and it wasn’t until recently (within the past year) that I really discovered the therapy in writing (journaling) as well.  I found myself doing quite a bit of thinking about the type of books that I would like to create with my work, and what I came up with was very therapeutic for me.  I had decided that I wanted to put all of my work into one book rather than having a collection of 20 different books for 20 different subjects.

In the end, what I’ve come up with is a chronological record of my life, spoken in my own words, with my own artwork and filled with things that speak to me and things that I love and interest me.  This is something that I will be able to leave behind for my children and family so that they will have the opportunity to get to know me better as a person.  This book will give insight into who I am, what I believe in, my thoughts, my prayers, my happiness and sadness, my wishes and dreams, and even some regrets.  This is what I like to call Life Journaling.


What goes into my Life Journal:

  • Daily journal entries:  These particular daily entries consist of what happened during the day, things that I have been thinking about on this particular day, things that I would have liked to have happened differently, things that I’m planning, things that have made me happy, sad or even angry, etc.  I write almost daily; however, there are some days where I simply feel like doing art.  If this is something you’re interested in doing, don’t feel angry with yourself if you don’t feel like writing one day.  It’s perfectly okay to want to do other things in your journal.
  • Writing prompts:  Some days I’m uncertain as to what I would like to write about.  When this happens I will do a Google Search for writing prompts and when I find one that speaks to me for the day, this is what I will journal about.
  • Therapeutic journal prompts:  I am part of a journaling group that is working on a very similar journaling concept that I have already been working on for some time.  This is where my therapeutic journaling comes into play.  Every week we are given a new writing prompt, which is designed to help us learn more about ourselves as individuals.  We all have a story to tell and there is always more room in our lives for self discovery.  Self discovery and realization are wonderful things!  They leave one with a sense of fulfillment and awareness.  I highly recommend this type of journaling!  There are many self-help books on the market that are filled with writing prompts for those who wish to take this journey into self discovery.  You don’t need to pay a lot of money for these books either.  They can easily be found at used book stores and garage sales for a fraction of the cost you could buy one in a book store.
  • Song lyrics:  Every now and again I will hear a song on the radio or the internet that really speaks to me.  I will look up the lyrics to that song and then write them in my journal.  I will then clarify through writing just what it is about this song that has touched me, whether it be the tune itself or the lyrics.  Perhaps, if you’re listening to the oldies station, you will hear a certain song that really brings back memories from your life.  Write those in your journal!
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  • Monthly calendar:  I always put a monthly calendar in my journal to help me remember important times and dates and appointments.  This is a quick glance into my week and month for me.
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  • Week at a glance:  I also put a week at a glance page in my journal so that I can keep up with a brief summary of what happened that day in my life.
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  • Lists:  I often find that I am making lists in my journal.  I have written lists about things that make me happy, my favorite things, things that I can do during the week to help other people, etc.  There are many types of lists that can be made.  At the end of each month, I make a list of things that I have learned or discovered that month.  I also make a list of monthly goals and other things that I would like to try to accomplish that month.
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  • Quotes and inspirationals:  When I come across quotes that mean something to me I will add those to my journal in some shape, form, or fashion.  I may make a piece of artwork around that quote, or I may just add the quote itself and journal about what it means to me.  Often times, I will find a picture with a quote on it on the internet that really speaks to me.  I then print a copy of this and add it to my journal.
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  • IMG_20150217_221749~2
  • Photographs:  I take a lot of photographs on my cell phone.  If I take a photo during the day that really means something to me or that I really like, I will print a copy of this picture and then add it to my journal.  Depending on what I’m journaling about for that particular day, I might add old photographs that relate to the journaling.  You can add photos of just about anything that speaks to you that day.
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  • Invitations and announcements:  I think that this one is rather self-explanatory.  This is a great way to remember events that were attended and important announcements, such as the birth of a child or a high school or college graduation.  These also make good journal prompts!  Journal about the event and add pictures and any other memorabilia.
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  • Memorial pages:  I create pages for friends, family, and pets in my life who have passed away.  I write about that person and pet and what they meant to my life.  I also write about memories I will always have of that person or pet.  I have found this to be a very therapeutic way to express grief and to remember those whom I have loved and lost.
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  • Artwork:  I do quite a bit of artwork and drawing and doodling so I like to add all of these to my journal also.  Sometimes, I will add photographs of artwork that really inspires me.  Sometimes, I will even journal about the artist and what it is about his/her work that really interests me.  I’ve also been known to write artist reviews from time to time.
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As you can see, there are absolutely no limits to Life Journaling.  As I stated above, this is a great way to leave the story of yourself with your loved ones.  Some people have asked me what I plan to do when I’ve completed the journal that I’m currently working on.  My answer is that I will be starting a new journal.  With each journal I complete, I will immediately begin a new one.  This method of journaling is my therapy, it is my life story, in chronological order, day by day, written by my own hand, and illustrated to the best of my capabilities as an artistic person.



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