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Experiences With Death – February 28, 2015

Death and loss is something that I have grown to be experienced with over my 41 years in life.  I have lost numerous relatives to terminal illnesses.  I was expecting these deaths to occur and I had plenty of time to prepare myself for the loss and to speak any words that I wanted/needed these people to know before they passed.  There have only been a few deaths that were really surprising to me. First and foremost, one of the first and most traumatic experiences I've had with death occurred when I was in high school.  I believe it was…
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Memorials- Those We Have Loved and Lost

In Memory of Chad James Lilly

The Story I had the privilege of meeting Chad Lilly during the summer of 2006 when I was invited to go on a study abroad trip to Poland with the Political Science department at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock via professor Jacek Lubecki.  I never have been, and never will be, a PoliSci major, but that's a different story altogether. The first time I ever met Chad was in the classroom one evening.  One night per week we were asked to come to class to watch movies that pertained to our upcoming adventure in a far away land.…
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